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Zeistencroix Premiere New Song and Video, "Saturated"

"Los Angeles-based industrial metal act Zeistencroix has teamed up with Revolver to premiere their new Bill Metoyer-produced (Slayer, Six Feet Under)..."
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"Saturated" [Exclusive Song Stream Premiere]

"Zeistencroix will sit perfectly with fans of bands such as Ministry, DOPR, KMFDM, Killing Joke, Prong, Skinny Puppy and so on..."
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Side-Line Magazine Review

"The potential hit of the album (cf. “Stranger”) sounds like the offspring between rock and metal music with a new-wave flavor on top..."
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Interview with 925 Rebellion

"It’s a blend of three languages and the goal was to have a name that were unique and people could easily identify with nothing else but the band..."
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AlterNation Review Stranger

"The album 'Stranger' is almost 45 minutes of music from which enthusiasts of hard, determined sounds should be pleased, and..."
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JamSphere Review Stranger Album

"All the songs are exceptional, they blend
industrial ambience with dark almost gothic like vocals..."
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Exclusive Interview with Zeistencroix

"Here follows an exclusive interview with band members Orlando Draven (Vocals-Guitar and songwriter)..."
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Zeistencroix - Stranger

"When you have a band with an original name, chances are you'll be noticed. Some may break their tongues trying to pronounce..."
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