Our Discography

2019. Gen Z

Gen Z is based on dark realism the lyrics travel between topics of despair, cynicism and reality that current society faces on the wake of technology and social media giving steps further on losing touch with humanity, melodically is structured on deeply orchestration and the long time lost "Wall of Sound" while rhythmically it explores new territory with a blend of "world sound", "Folklore" and "heavy metal" that encompass this post industrial noir sound. SHOP HERE!

  • 01. Boom
  • 02. Sick
  • 03. Wake Up
  • 04. Dub
  • 05. Myself
  • 06. Kanji
  • 07. Mr. K
  • 08. Fallen Prophet
  • 09. Blame
  • 10. Naked
  • 11. Far Away

2017. Gemini EP

Gemini, as its name states, is a dual state, a combination of 2 sides of the same coin; life and death, black and white, good an evil. In this album I’m showcasing two very opposite styles from the same band. It’s a combination of two entities living under the same organism and somehow coexisting without one surpassing the other but complementing the other.

  • 01. I Need You Tonight
  • 02. Valley Of Death
  • 03. Saturated
  • 04. Dantes
  • 05. Rage